Course Policies

  1. Be on time. No backpacks, book bags, purses, etc. allowed in classroom/lab. No exceptions.

  2. No cell phones or MP3 players. Student laptops will be carried in school issued cases and will not be left unattended.

  3. Be sure to back up your work using the cloud, flash drive, etc.

  4. You may listen to music on your laptops - with ear buds.

  5. No food or drink (besides water) allowed in seminar.

  6. If you are not involved with an activity, make sure you have something to work on.

  7. Students must use a hall pass and have permission from instructor to leave.

  8. Students that need to make up tests, receive extra help, etc. from another teacher must have their pass card signed from that teacher prior to the start of seminar.

  9. Use time in seminar to your advantage.

  10. Playing games on your computer during seminar will result in loss of points.

Seminar Grade Rubric

10 pts. On time; Productive/Non-disruptive
9 pts. Excused Absence
8 pts. Unexcused Tardy; Productive/Non-disruptive
6 pts. On time; Unproductive/Disruptive
4 pts. Unexcused Tardy; Unproductive/Disruptive
0 pts. Unexcused Absence