Course Syllabus:

Required Text: Arms, Karen. 2006. Environmental Science. Holt. Austin, TX. ISBN 0-03-039074-5

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Chap. 1 (pp. 4-22) Science and the Environment

Chap. 2 Scientific Method

Chap. 3 (pp. 62-86) The Dynamic Earth

Reveal Earth's Atmosphere National Geographic explores Earth's atmospheric gasses.

Journey Through the Atmosphere- Part I BBC 2007

Journey Through the Atmosphere- Part II

Chap. 4 (pp. 98-114) Earth's Ecosystems and Biomes

A Sand County Almanac- Life and Times of Aldo Leopold

Chap. 5 (pp. 123-143) Ecosystems- Nutrient and Energy Cycling

Biogeochemical Cycling - from Mr. Anderson at


Guidelines for Lab Diagrams/Illustrations

Exam Reviews: