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PowerPoints, Outlines, and Documents:

How to write a science report:

An outline showing considerations during the writing process.
Style and Clarity in Scientific Writing
Using Active vs. Passive Voice
Using "that" vs. "which"

Words and Expressions to Avoid.

How to construct an outline:

Example Outline:

Writing in Biological Science:

- Expressing Your Ideas in Writing, Questions Using the Elements of Thought
Writing Tutorials- Indiana University, Bloomington

Assembling a Works Cited Page for Your Paper- Duke University Libraries; (examples, popular databases, help avoiding plagerism)
Distinguishing Scholarly (peer reviewed) and Non-scholarly Materials

Council of Science Editors- CSE HomePage
How to Cite the Web
Plagerism and Paraphrasing
Key to Editorial Symbols

Databases and Searches
Google Scholar
AGRICOLA- United States Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
WWW Virtual Library of Biosciences
Oklahoma State University Library- Alumni Access